Labour whip quits as second referendum vote exposes splits

Labour whip quits as second referendum vote exposes splits

The main motion, tabled by Theresa May after her deal was rejected again last night, says the House declines to approve Brexit on 29th March without a withdrawal agreement or future relationship framework.

Mrs May said MPs would have to decide whether they want to delay Brexit, hold another referendum, or whether they "want to leave with a deal but not this deal".

Anna Soubry, who recently defected from the Conservative Party to join the Independent Group and who supports a second referendum, accused Mr McDonnell of "selling out on a [People's Vote]... in defiance of his party policy to put Brexit back to the British people".

He said Labour has set out "credible options" which includes a different Brexit plan and a "public vote to prevent damaging Brexit proposals being forced on the country".

He then told Radio 5 Live that Theresa May has not allowed discussion of "alternative compromises" and "never been allowed to debate and vote on anything other than her deal". "But extending Article 50 without a clear objective is not a solution". Mrs May has said Tory MPs will get a free vote.

To take no deal off the table, it is not enough to vote against no deal - you have to agree to a deal.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced in the early hours of Tuesday that the prime minister had secured "legally binding" changes to the deal and, in particular, to the controversial Irish backstop provision, which would be complemented with "meaningful clarifications" and "legal guarantees".

But, it also notes that a no-deal Brexit remains the default position unless both the United Kingdom and European Union ratify an agreement.

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Some of her colleagues around the Cabinet table think it shows she has to tack to a closer deal with the EU.

In January, Bercow had been accused of breaching Commons precedent by allowing MPs to vote on an amendment meant to derail a clean, no-deal Brexit - allegedly against the advice of clerks advising on Parliamentary procedure.

Although this would bring the Brexit deals to square one, it might be better delaying than a leap into the dark.

He added the Commons needs to listen to the country, including workers and European Union nationals who are fearful for their futures, saying of Mrs May: "She needs now to show leadership".

If the deal is not passed by then, the United Kingdom would need a longer extension, with reports that the United Kingdom is making contingency plans for European Parliament elections.

She will tell MPs whether she will vote for no deal or not when she opens Wednesday's debate.

Some of them believe it's time now to go hell-for-leather to leave without an overarching deal but move to make as much preparation as possible, and fast.

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