Reputed boss of Gambino crime family shot dead in NY

Reputed boss of Gambino crime family shot dead in NY

Cali, 53, was shot several times in the Todt Hill area of Staten Island on the night of March 13 before he was rushed to a hospital, where he died.

No arrests have been made into the first of the Gambino gang to be assassinated in more than three decades, with fears being raised it may inflame mob tensions.

As he strolled out of his red-brick mansion on Staten Island the reputed mob boss Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali probably felt safe.

After reportedly taking the reins in 2015, Cali was described by mafia watchers as the opposite of Gotti because "no-one ever sees him", the New York Post reported.

The account, the report reads, shows Cali exiting and shutting his front door as he approaches a driver who had struck his vehicle.

Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said there has been a slight urise in alleged mob-related violence in NY within the past year.

'The man was on the ground face-up.

The body of mafia crime boss Paul Castellano lies on a stretcher outside the Sparks Steak House in New York after he and his bodyguard were gunned down Dec. 16 1985

Shea says Cali emerged from his home around 9:15 p.m. after the suspect backed his pickup truck into Cali's Cadillac SUV.

The reputed boss of New York Mafia family the Gambinos, Francesco "Frank" Cali, has been shot dead outside his home on Staten Island, police said Thursday. At a 2008 bail, a prosecutor said Cali was seen "as a man of influence and power by organised crime members in Italy". Papa!' as a woman shouted into her phone: 'Why doesn't the ambulance come? And another woman "was just making loud noises", the witness said.

Cali was the first NY crime family boss shot in 34 years, according to WPIX.

Business Insider reported in 2013 that Cali had reportedly turned down an offer to head the crime family.

Federal prosecutors had referred to Cali in court filings in recent years as the underboss of the Gambino organization. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

Since the 1990s, the fortunes of the city's five traditional mafia clans have been on the decline. The other families are the Lucchese, Bonanno, Colombo, and Genovese families.

A week ago, Persico died after serving 33 years in prison. The cases resulted in long prison terms for their bosses - Gotti included - and encouraged their successors to keep a lower profile.

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