SimBad adware apps downloaded from Google Play almost 150 million times

SimBad adware apps downloaded from Google Play almost 150 million times

Numerous poorly performing apps in the test were not actually performing malware scans, according to AV-Comparatives. They're just good posers preying on our vulnerability as humans to want assurance when it comes to security, just like the bad guys they purport to be keeping at bay.

It analysed 250 antivirus apps you can find on the Google Play Store for some basic requirements and the vast majority failed.

Some of the apps were unable to even detect the malware which was from a year ago, even as it is expected them to have the threats already indexed.

AV-Comparatives said, most Android antivirus apps were phoney, and many of them seemed to have been created only to display ads or promote a developer's career.

GOOGLE HAS YANKED more than 200 Android apps that were stuffed with SimBad malware from the Google Play Store.

While Google does review apps before they are listed on the Play Store, the process is not as secure and strict as Apple's review system for content which is available on the App Store.

The tests were straightforward: Open the Google Chrome browser on a clean phone, download a malicious sample, open the.apk Android executable file in the file explorer app, then install and execute it.

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"Some of the Android security products in our test blocked so few of the malware samples - in some cases literally none - that they can not reasonably be described as anti-malware apps", AV Comparatives says in a research report.

Do you use an android antivirus app?

Check Point thought that the makers deceived app developers into using the malicious SDK. It might have been harder to detect and stop because of that, as the infected apps are safe and legitimate if it weren't for the adware that managed to sneak past, not to mention that it wasn't out to steal personal data of users.

Is the app you're using right now a malicious one, check it here.

Apps can access clipboard data while in the OS background if they are also the default input method editor (IME) -aka the default keyboard apps.

AV-Comparatives tested 250 of the top Android antivirus apps and services by installing them on a Samsung phone.

It isn't clear why, but AV-Comparatives said the apps were likely developed by amateurs or non-security vendors that were more focused on making money through ads. Instead of masking malware as an anti-virus product, the questionable products did actually have anti-malware functions but at a much less effective level than the best AV products.

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