Ministers expect a nine-month Brexit delay

Ministers expect a nine-month Brexit delay

"What the Speaker has said in his ruling is there needs to be something that is different".

He added: "Fundamentally, for something to be different, it has to be, by definition, fundamentally different - not different in terms of wording, but different in terms of substance".

But Mr Barnier appeared to pour cold water on this possibility, telling a reporter: "You said both short and long".

Robert Buckland, the government's solicitor general, told the BBC that Bercow had plunged Britain into "a major constitutional crisis". With no deal on the table and time running out, lawmakers then voted to seek an extension for the date by which the United Kingdom must leave the EU.

Mrs May's own Brexit deal envisages an 18-month transition period starting on March 29, during which a comprehensive future partnership would be negotiated. "We still think May's deal passing is the most likely final outcome and that a second European Union referendum (after a long extension) is the second most likely final outcome". Tory MPs have accused him of flouting parliamentary rules and backing those who want to keep closer ties to the EU.

But all of that has now been put into question by Mr. Bercow.

He did offer an olive branch by noting that the process could be extended to allow time to make the political declaration that compliments the agreement "more ambitious", if a House of Commons majority so wished. "Part of the responsibility of the Speaker is frankly to speak truth to power".

The Speaker announced it was against parliamentary rules for the government to repeatedly ask the Commons to vote on the same motion until it got the answer it wanted. He said last week's vote had been justified because the deal was altered after it was voted down by a record margin in January.

Her goal was to win over Northern Ireland's small, power-brokering Democratic Unionist Party. At the time of writing, the PM and her team are repeating their message to Brexiteers: support the deal or risk no Brexit.

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Opposition centers on a measure created to ensure there is no hard border between the UK's Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland after Brexit.

"The European Parliament and Council have approved almost all the contingency measures and are working on the two last measures that still need to be adopted, namely on short-term visas and the EU budget for 2019".

Talks between the government and the DUP have been aimed at reassuring the party that Britain couldn't be trapped in the backstop indefinitely.

Some in the EU worry that Britain could extend until the end of June while eschewing the European elections and then revoke its leave notice, which it could do unilaterally by law, putting the status of the bloc's new parliament in doubt.

May's Brexit deal with the European Union was rejected by the United Kingdom parliament twice - once in January and once last week.

The EU's most powerful leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said: "I will fight until the last minute of the time to March 29 for an orderly exit".

May has been lobbying opponents in preparation for another vote on her plan.

Rory Stewart, a Conservative lawmaker, tweeted that he disagreed with the speaker "because these votes respond to an instruction in a referendum, endorsed by Parliament, which rules out dropping back to the status quo".

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