Fire Breaks Out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Fire Breaks Out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

"I just went next door to our own beloved Cathedral, Saint Patrick's, to ask the intercession of Notre Dame, our Lady, for the Cathedral at the heart of Paris, and of civilization, now in flames!" the cardinal tweeted.

A fast-moving fire consumed Notre-Dame Cathedral on Monday in a massive, roaring blaze that devastated the Parisian landmark, a searing loss for the city and for France.

"Everything is burning, nothing will remain from the frame", Notre Dame spokesman Andre Finot told French media.

It is believed the blaze began in scaffolding on the roof where renovation work was being carried out.

A major operation was under way, the fire department said, while a city hall spokesman said on Twitter that the area was being cleared.

"Notre Dame Fire in progress", police said on Twitter.

The wood-and-lead spire was built during that restoration, according to the cathedral's website.

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted: "Notre-Dame of Paris preyed by the flames".

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The cathedral forms part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site along the banks of the River Seine.

It's unclear if anyone has been hurt in the fire.

His pre-recorded speech was set to be aired on Monday evening to lay out his long-awaited answers to the yellow vest crisis that has rocked the country since last November.

French President, Emmanuel Macron, has cancelled a planned public address. Television network France 24 is reporting that "the roof has entirely collapsed".

Hidalgo urged residents of the French capital to stay away from the security perimeter around the Gothic-style church. We are mobilized locally in close connection with church authorities.

The TV images of the blaze transfixed viewers around the world, as flames ravaged the church that has towered over Paris for centuries and had come through long-range German bombardment during World War I and was spared damage during World War II.

Thick clouds of smoke are billowing from the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and its spire appears entirely engulfed in flames, according to photos and video being broadcast by multiple news agencies.

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