Lidington says Brexit talks with Labour to continue, will not last months

Lidington says Brexit talks with Labour to continue, will not last months

The Conservative Party faces being swept from power by Jeremy Corbyn with the loss of almost 60 seats in the event of a general election, according to new polling.

Members of a new political party founded by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage are gathering for their first rally on the south coast.

Prime Minister Theresa May still expects the election can be avoided by Britain by leaving the EU.

Labour would increase its number of MPs by 34, making them the largest party in the British parliament.

The deal includes a break clause that will allow to the United Kingdom to leave earlier if the House of Commons can pass the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Without any consensus in parliament, reflective of a deeply divided population, all outcomes remain possible in the coming weeks and months: leaving the European Union with a deal, a disorderly exit without a deal, or another vote on whether to leave at all.

The Observer newspaper in London reported Sunday that the latest Opinium poll suggested the Conservatives have dropped six points over the past fortnight, giving Labour a seven-point lead.

Johnson left red faced after practice swing gaffe
Playing in consecutive groups during the second round Friday, Kisner and Johnson had some, let's just say, interesting moments. The 43-year old was not assessed a penalty and the shot did not count as a stroke as Johnson had no intention to hit the ball.

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith called Sunday on May to resign as prime minister next month.

Mr Hunt told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that continuing Brexit "paralysis" would be "highly damaging" to the UK's global standing and worldwide trading partners "are anxious that we will become submerged in the mire of Brexit indecision".

"What we will want to move towards is to put before Parliament a set of options - with a system for making a choice and Parliament actually having to come to a preferred option rather than voting against everything", he said.

The Conservative government and Labour are continuing talks over the coming week to test each other's ideas in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.

He said next week's meeting will focus on issues including environmental standards, workers rights and the new security relationship with the EU.

Lidington told the BBC compromise talks with Labour would continue, with both sides seeking agreement over a plan for Brexit that could win parliament's approval.

European leaders agreed to push the official Brexit date back to Halloween at last week's special summit in Brussels.

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