Messenger could be making its way back to the main Facebook app

Messenger could be making its way back to the main Facebook app

"Facebook is bringing the Chats back to the app for preparing integrated messaging", Jane wrote.

If Facebook reintegrated messaging into the main app, it would be an about-turn for the company, which in 2014 insisted that to keep using Messenger on a mobile device, it would be mandatory for users to download the standalone app.

The potential move comes as Facebook is embarking on an ambitious project to more tightly integrate its messaging services Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram direct messages with encrypted messaging; a move that Facebook says is supposed to promote privacy, but that has been interpreted by critics as an attempt to fend off the rising threat of anti-trust action over the company's dominance. They released standalone apps for Android and iOS in 2011 and went on for several years piling features to it to the point where it became bloated. 12 that tech blogger and researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently found that a "Chats" section had appeared within her main Facebook app, which echoes the way the service originally worked before Messenger was sealed off into an app of its own.

Wong posted another tweet noting that the Chats section only contains a limited selection of Messenger's features. "We do not have any additional details to share at this time".

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He added that "tens of millions" of Android users who use Messenger as their default app would benefit from having end-to-end encryption enabled as a default. The plan is to allow for cross-messaging between all three.

The only reason Facebook is implementing the Chat function to the native Facebook app is to provide users a new platform to connect with their friends. The end result is so that users might use only one of Facebook's properties to communicate with others within the same ecosystem. There's a lot more we need to figure out. Even more, they want now to put all of its chat apps under one app.

Currently, users have to either download the Messenger app or open it separately on a browser.

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