These Celebrities Are 'Game of Thrones' Superfans! | Game of Thrones, Television

These Celebrities Are 'Game of Thrones' Superfans! | Game of Thrones, Television

The final season has been even more eagerly anticipated after fans were forced to wait for two years, with HBO saying last year the show's creators wanted extra time to develop the best final episodes possible. Now that the final season is already out, the GOT fans surely can not contain their excitement any longer!

For Game of Thrones lovers that aren't resident in the USA, you can atch previous seasons of the series on Showmax. You'll be able to rent the DVDs as much as you want, allowing you to watch the whole of Game of Thrones in one sitting once it's over.

This is extremely easy.

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Season 8 will begin on Sunday, April 14, and run until May 19, and no one really knows what is going to happen in the final season. The HBO Now subscription costs $14.99/month and comes with free 7 days trial for new customers.

Many streaming services let you watch HBO live and on-demand, allowing you to stream Game of Thrones episodes as soon as they air, and also to catch up with older seasons and binge Game of Thrones whenever you like. Episodes are usually available from 9/8c on HBO Now, so you can stream live while everyone else is watching on the channel. You'll need to skip social media if you want to avoid the spoilers! With Amazon Channels, your payments are lumped in with your usual Amazon payment, so you only get one bill per month (if you get Prime monthly, of course).

At the beginning of Game Of Thrones, we were all led to believe that the grim-faced, honourable lord of Winterfell and warden of the north Eddard Stark was to be the protagonist of the show. How can you watch Game of Thrones season 8 on Netflix?

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