#ExtinctionRebellion shuts down London’s busiest streets with climate change protest

#ExtinctionRebellion shuts down London’s busiest streets with climate change protest

Thousands of environmental protesters will converge on London today in a bid to "shut down" the capital and force the government's hand on climate change.

But Extinction Rebellion warned protesters they could face arrest for blocking traffic, while TfL said Londoners face travel delays.

Dozens of protesters were dragged away from Waterloo Bridge by police officers at around 1pm on Tuesday.

Extinction Rebellion said "over 100 fearless rebels" had been arrested in total.

Extinction Rebellion (XR), an environmentalist group responsible for causing scenes in the House of Commons earlier this month when semi-naked activists stripped off in Parliament as MPs tried to debate Brexit, claim they intend to occupy the roads for at least 72 hours.

The scientist said the group was calling on the United Kingdom government to fulfil three demands: to better inform the public about climate change, to make the country carbon neutral by 2025 and to create a citizens assembly model on environmental issues.

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The police said most of the protestors were detained on suspicion of public order offences and five people were held on Monday on the suspicion of criminal damage at Shell's headquarters. This crisis is only going to get worse Prime minister, you can not ignore this crisis any longer. "Our objective is to create a political crisis, if that means people being arrested and going to jail then so be it".

Five of those arrested - three men and two women - were held on suspicion of criminal damage after protesters vandalised Shell's headquarters on Monday.

A host of nonviolent protests are planned including occupations of various public spaces and the blockading of bridges, roads, harbours and transport systems.

Blythe Pepino, 34, from Hereford, said: "The objective is to maintain the disruption on the bridge to bring the Government to the table and talk about the climate crisis". Police arrested 85 people that day.

But later on Monday the Met issued an order under section 14 of the Public Order Act, which allows conditions to be imposed on public processions and assemblies.

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