Knicks guide if National Basketball Association draft lottery turns into nightmare

Knicks guide if National Basketball Association draft lottery turns into nightmare

Zion Williamson is expected to be the first pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. If the Knicks win, it will inevitably set off the rumor mill about a possible package deal to send the No. 1 pick to New Orleans for Davis, the disgruntled All-Star who is the eye of several teams.

With the new lottery system, the Cavs can not pick later than sixth in the draft.

While the Knicks had a 17-65 record, it only provided 14 percent odds to win the lottery, tying them with the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers as part of the newly implemented structure for 2019. But with the sixth-highest odds, the Wizards have nearly as good a chance at getting the first selection as they do the fourth (9.6 percent). But the Celtics' strong preference is for the pick to roll over, partly because this is a weak draft, partly because the pick protections lighten moving forward, and partly because the Grizzlies could be entering a rebuild.

This year, Minnesota is slated to pick 10th.

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No one will forget the one season Zion Williamson spent in Durham and these dunks will be some of his lasting images from his time as a Blue Devil. After those three, the numbers go down. If he can develop an outside shot and keep his weight in check, a star could be in the making. Now they could jump into the top four, and the odds the Wolves have give them at least a puncher's chance of doing that. The Mavs also have a 26% chance of landing in the top 4.

The consensus leading into Tuesday's lottery is the top three picks will be Williamson, Morant and Barrett. If not conveyed, the pick remains top-five protected in 2020, falls to top-three protected until 2022 and becomes unprotected in 2023. The worst Draft lottery snub in National Basketball Association history came at the Mavs expense in 1993 when Dallas had the worst record in the league when the next worst team had twice as many wins as the Mavs on the season. In that scenario, Boston would get Philadelphia's pick. The Mavs fell to fourth in the draft somehow.

Notes: This is the first lottery drawing since the NBA's Board of Governors leveled out the odds for lottery teams.

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