Arthur's Teacher Mr. Ratburn Is Gay & Finally Got Married

Arthur's Teacher Mr. Ratburn Is Gay & Finally Got Married

The unexpected plot line in the Arthur episode isn't the first time the show's featured a gay character.

As fans who grew up with the beloved children's series might recall, Mr. Ratburn is Arthur's teacher who, as it turns out, is actually gay.

"So when Mr. Ratburn (the main characters" grade school teacher) is revealed to be gay in this Monday's episode, the Internet responded with a passion.

Immediately, the children grow concerned when they witness a woman (voiced by Jane Lynch) telling Mr. Ratburn to "toughen up". In the episode "Postcards from Buster", Arthur's best friend met children with two moms while on a trip to Vermont. Of course, the kids don't like her and crack open a plan to stop the wedding at any cost.

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The word "gay" was not used in the episode. The show had previously made no mention of Ratburn's sexuality, but it did thoroughly document the teacher's love of cake, so it only makes sense that he married Elwood City's local chocolatier.

It seems Mr. Ratburn has finally found the ideal match in his professional chocolatier husband, Patrick - who should be able to cater generously to his cake-eating needs.

The kids had anxious that Mr. Ratburn, whom they had overheard talking about floral arrangements, was engaged to a bossy stranger named Patty.

People took to Twitter when they learned about the episode - but many were sharing their disbelief that "Arthur" was still on the air.

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