Corbyn: We can not stay silent at the denial of Palestinian people’s rights

Corbyn: We can not stay silent at the denial of Palestinian people’s rights

The sources told Xinhua that Egyptian naval vessels arrested three brothers and their colleague while they were on a fishing boat off the coast of Rafah town in the southern Gaza Strip without specifying the reason.

After two days of intense fighting earlier in May in which terror groups launched over 650 rockets at southern Israel and the Israel Defense Forces carried out more than 300 retaliatory strikes throughout Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad announced that Egypt and other worldwide parties had successfully brokered a truce deal.

Qatar began distributing millions of dollars in aid in the Gaza Strip on Monday in a fresh bid to restore calm after a flareup with Israel, a Qatari official said.

"IDF intelligence can confirm that Hamas has cancelled schools in Gaza tomorrow in order to send the children to participate in violent riots against Israel", the military tweeted, adding that Hamas distributed the message on social media, television and the radio.

More than 200 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier have been killed during the yearlong marches.

Gazans have held weekly rallies since March 2018, primarily to draw worldwide attention to the dire living conditions.

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A Palestinian man reads verses of the Quran at Al Omari mosque in Gaza City.

Eurovision's nearly week-long festivities coincide with the anniversary of the opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the Palestinian memorial day, Nakba, which was marked by violent protests a year ago at the Israeli border and hundreds of victims, prompting American diplomats to issue a security alert.

Two Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli administrative detention, without a charge or court trial, completed 41 days of their open hunger strike, on Sunday, protesting their unfair detention. The contest will draw thousands of foreign visitors to Tel Aviv.

But critics say it amounts to collective punishment of Gaza's two million residents.

Emadi said Qatar would also put aside $50-60 million of the $180 million to support a 161 kilo-volt power line, which the Quartet - the US, Russia, UN and European Union - has said could eventually provide an additional 100 megawatt hours of electricity to Gaza.

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