How Amazon Turns Former Employees Into Small Business Owners

How Amazon Turns Former Employees Into Small Business Owners

The company sees the new incentive as a way to get more packages delivered to shoppers' doorsteps more quickly.

Amazon's new incentive will fund the startup costs, up to $10,000, for its employees-turned-small business-owners in the USA who want to build their own delivery companies.

The retail giant is trying to find new ways to add to its delivery network as it seeks to speed packages in parts of the United Kingdom to as little as one hour through its Prime delivery service. The new initiative from Amazon is part of its Delivery Service Partner program.

Clark said feedback from employees who expressed interest in starting businesses revealed that they "struggled with the transition". "Now we have a path for those associates with an appetite for opportunities to own their own businesses".

Amazon offers up to $10,000 to join the program.

The company, based in Seattle, Washington, did not say how many employees it expects to take them up on the offer.

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Amazon wants its employees to quit their jobs and create their own delivery businesses. It includes hands-on training, on-demand support, Amazon's existing delivery technology, access to leased Amazon Prime-branded delivery vans, and discounts on fuel costs, insurance cover, and branded uniforms for delivery personnel to wear.

The offering is the latest effort by Amazon to discourage its workers from staying if they don't want to stay. "Customer demand is higher than ever and we have a need to build more capacity", he said previous year.

Also on Monday, Reuters reported that Amazon is looking to automate part of its boxing process by installing machines at warehouses that would cut 24 jobs per warehouse. We can only imagine what a fleet of 40 vans delivering parcels all day means for Amazon's profits.

According to Amazon, nearly any entrepreneur can start a business with its Delivery Service Partner program with an initial investment as low as $10,000 to hire drivers and lease up to 40 vans to deliver Amazon packages from a warehouse to a person's home.

The news comes as global e-commerce competition continues to intensify, with research asserting delivery times are a key differentiation for customers.

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