Mystery surrounds crossbow triple killing at German guesthouse

Mystery surrounds crossbow triple killing at German guesthouse

German police say two more female bodies had been found during investigations into the deaths of three people discovered in a Bavarian hotel room and killed by crossbow bolts.

The our bodies of a fifty three-One year-aged German man and two German ladies folk, outdated-fashioned 33 and 30 had been found, in response to Passau Police.

A forensic officer outside the apartment building in northern Germany, where the two fresh bodies were found.

There was no sign of a fight, nor of another participant, police said.

A spokesman for Bavarian police said: "Three bodies were found on Saturday in a guest room". The man and the older woman are from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in southwestern Germany, while the younger woman was last registered as living in Wittingen in Lower Saxony, in the north of the country. The 53-year-old was lying on a bed hand in hand with the 33-year-old, while the 30-year-old was discovered on the floor.

"We assume that no other people were involved in the deaths of the three", he said.

Three people were found dead with crossbow injuries in the hotel.

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One of the women had booked the triple room for 85 euros a night, without breakfast, for three nights.

PHOTO:A guesthouse is pictured on the river "Ilz" in Passau, Germany, Can also 13, 2019. Hunting with bows or crossbows is banned in Germany.

Autopsy results were expected on Tuesday.

Police have seized the crossbows as evidence.

German media say one sticker has the letters FMJ - believed to be a reference to Full Metal Jacket crossbow arrows made by a U.S. firm, Easton Hunting.

The man, who was dressed in a suit had a long, white beard, while the two women were dressed in black, witnesses told German daily Bild.

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