Trump reveals Mexico migrant plan by waving document around

Trump reveals Mexico migrant plan by waving document around

US President Donald Trump has vowed to do "something" about the unfair, as he described it, situation with French wine that is imported into the US virtually tariff-free while France imposes duties on US wine, writes Time.

Trump and other administration officials, however, say Mexico made major concessions and have credited his threat to slap a 5% tax on all Mexican goods if the country didn't immediately agree to do more to stem the flow of Central American migrants across the US southern border.

Ebrard also said there was no agreement between the United States and Mexico to purchase more agricultural products under the accord, despite Trump saying over the weekend that Mexico had agreed to buy "large quantities" from USA farmers.

Part of the agreement requires approval by the Mexican Congress...

"We do not anticipate a problem with the vote but, if for any reason the approval is not forthcoming, tariffs will be reinstated", he added, without elaborating.

Later on Monday, however, Ebrard also said that Mexico would begin talks about a possible "safe third country" agreement if migration at Mexico's southern border did not decrease within the 45 days.

Hence, effectively Mexico is given around the 90-days period to stem the flow of migrants to the US border.

"In the meeting with the vice president of the United States, they were insistent on the safe third country issue", Ebrard told a press conference.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said Brazil, Panama, and Guatemala may need to be brought in to help if a deal unveiled last week between Washington and Mexico fails to reduce the numbers of US -bound migrants crossing Mexico. Texas Gov. Greg Abbot (R) applauded Trump for "trying to address this emergency" at the border, but said that he opposed the implementation of tariffs "due to the harm it would inflict on the Texas economy".

Mexico's foreign minister said Monday that the deal doesn't include any secret provisions.

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"I'm going to tell you that most people understand - that the people having to do with borders and illegal immigration and immigration of any kind - they understand exactly what that is", he said. Okay? If they bring the numbers way down, we won't have to, but this is my option, ' he said. "It will be revealed in the not too distant future and will need a vote by Mexico's Legislative body!"

He has called for denying citizenship to US-born children whose parents are without documents, and authorised law enforcement officials to investigate the immigration status of anyone they stopped. This is important to both countries.

Markets breathed a sigh of relief over the deal struck on Friday.

'It's a very simple agreement.

He continued to hammer the point that until recently there was no arrangement with Mexico.

The proposed tariffs would have increased 5% per month, maxing out at 25%, until Mexico brought the flow of illegal immigration to a stop.

But on Monday, Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard held up a paper and pointed to the previously announced details, including Mexico's deployment of 6,000 troops to its border with Guatemala to thwart the surge of Central American migrants heading to the United States.

"The president and other key administration officials also sharply disputed a New York Times report claiming the Friday deal "largely" had been negotiated months ago, and hinted that not all major details of the new arrangement have yet been made public", Fox News" Gregg Re reported.

Through the agreement, the slated to extend its policy of returning asylum applicants to Mexico while their claims are processed.

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