by | December 13, 2018 | 22:41

Mr Downing reportedly attended the gig to witness a demo of the system as a guest of the company that manufacturers the kiosks. Technically, a concert is a private event so event organizers are allowed to subject their attendees to nearly any kind of surveillance.

by | December 13, 2018 | 20:16

Google SA said this year's searches showed that South Africans had a keen interest in local celebrities‚ as well as news and events - while the most-asked questions list revealed an awareness of‚ and curiosity about‚ what was happening in the world.

by | December 12, 2018 | 16:27

The former IN congressman's statuesque performance was a contrast to the kinetic scene unfolding around him, another made-for-television moment that allowed the bombastic Republican president to pick a fight with the two Democrats perhaps most reviled by his conservative base on live cable TV.

by | December 11, 2018 | 19:03

PSG top the group on 11 points and Liverpool need to beat Napoli , taking both teams to 9 points. Liverpool need to win 1-0 or by at least a two-goal margin to reach the next round and the Reds are banking on their rabid home support to take them over the line in Europe this year.

by | December 11, 2018 | 18:42

They are concerned that she is in a relationship with a man who is registered as a sexual offender in NY state. According to public records, Petty was convicted in 1995 of first-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old; TMZ notes he used "a sharp object" during said incident.

by | December 11, 2018 | 11:34

Their fans couldn't help but gush over the video. Mariah Smith said she took "full responsibility for what I wrote, and I was wrong. I'm glad she saw it and seemed to enjoy it", commented another. Now, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has shared few more inside pictures from the wedding and the couple looks absolutely stunning in them. Priyanka and Nick started texting each other two years ago but started dating only in May 2018.

by | December 11, 2018 | 05:29

Bollywood stars including Salman Khan , Aamir Khan and his filmmaker wife Kiran Rao, Priyanka Chopra and husband Nick Jonas , Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , Vidya Balan , cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and businessmen LN Mittal were also among the almost 1,200 guests who attended the Ambanis' functions.

by | December 10, 2018 | 22:27

So she went on Instagram to shut down reports that she and Offset were only together for publicity. It's just like I guess we grew out of love. "Think we want to put our life out there for what - what we gain from publicity?" "I've been seeing a lot of things [saying] my relationship was fake", she continued, saying that the "love" her and Offset had was real and genuine.

by | December 10, 2018 | 20:46

Suddenly the world was gripped by royal fever again, which only increased when news of Meghan Markle's relationship with Prince Harry broke. I wrote him a letter of two pages, and I asked her why she believed the lies about me. I wrote that I never bathed naked in a pool, or dressed as a Nazi [in reference to the photos of prince Harry in Las Vegas in 2012 and his Halloween costume in 2005, editor's note].

by | December 10, 2018 | 17:28

Musk's comments came during an interview with CBS's " 60 Minutes " that aired Sunday. "I want to be clear: I do not respect the SEC", Musk said. The agency had claimed Musk misled investors when he tweeted in August that said he had secured funding to take the auto maker private.

by | December 10, 2018 | 16:43

Dallas kicked the first field goal of the game with 2:27 left in the first quarter, then the Eagles and Cowboys went on to combine for two punts, a missed field goal, an interception and a fumble. I didn't think too much about it. Pederson made it clear to the third-year player the comments were unnecessary. "We have a ton of respect for the Cowboys", said Pederson.

by | December 10, 2018 | 12:39

Actor John Barrowman finished in third place, with actress Emily Atack in second. "They were incredible. Without them, I would never have survived". Redknapp's endurance was tested in the Danger Down Under trial, in which he had to lay in a dark underground chamber while creepy crawlies scurried all over him.

by | December 09, 2018 | 17:12

It's already been one year since Manushi Chhillar was crowned Miss World in 2017 and in the process won all of our hearts as well. One can watch the renowned Miss World 2018 pageant today live on the channel- Romedy Now at 4:30 pm in India.To watch the live updates of Miss World 2018 , one can visit their youtube channel.

by | December 08, 2018 | 23:25

Perhaps the most interesting video on the list wa sa YouTube original series: the first episode of " Cobra Kai ". "It's how many reaction videos have been created". Billed by the participants as "the biggest YouTube event in history", there's no denying that this fight dominated headlines this year. Ministry of amusing was the only Singaporean channel selected for You-Tube's global initiative, Creators for Change, which highlights creators who tackle tough issues in society and make a ...

by | December 08, 2018 | 22:57

Outside, they were awaited by luxury sedans driven by chauffers wearing white uniforms and colourful Rajasthani turbans. As Reuters points out citing Indian media reports, the Clintons and the Ambanis enjoy "an association that goes back more than 18 years", with Hillary Clinton herself dining with the Ambanis this March when she attended a conference in Mumbai.

by | December 08, 2018 | 20:00

At the time, her attorney said he was not aware of any evidence that Cardi B "caused anybody any harm". The strip club incident occurred about three weeks after Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were involved in an altercation that got physical at a New York Fashion Week party.

by | December 08, 2018 | 19:49

The famous song, written in 1944, takes the form of a duet, with a man trying to convince a protesting woman to stay over because it's "cold outside". "Please count me in the 90 percent", King said after the segment. According to our partners at WISC-TV, Mid-West Family Broadcasting Program Director Fletcher Keyes said he took all versions of " Baby It's Cold Outside " out of rotation on Hank AM 1550 and 97.7 FM Monday.

by | December 08, 2018 | 18:19

James Milner started his 500th Premier League game at right-back whilst Naby Keita started from the left in the absence of Sadio Mane , who was on the substitutes bench. After Firmino won the ball back, Salah ran at the Bournemouth defence and finished into the bottom corner. Despite it clearly hurting him, Salah stayed on his feet and made it 2-0.

by | December 08, 2018 | 12:57

The District Magistrates have made a decision to not allow the release. "Our committee has forwarded our advice to [the] chief minister [and] decided that law [and] order should be reviewed ", Maharaj told ANI on Friday. Even though the reports for the film are mixed, no one has thrashed it per se. Those seeking a ban on the film accused it of hurting Hindu sentiments and alleged that it was promoting love jihad .

by | December 08, 2018 | 10:58

McCready, however, withdrew his concession to Harris on Thursday amid the ongoing investigation. Three Republican state senators, who represent parts of North Carolina's ninth district, asked North Carolina Democrat Gov. McCready conceded the race the day after the midterms after not asking for the recount he was entitled to because the margin was so small. He has been under scrutiny by state officials since 2016, when allegations surfaced about illegal ballot harvesting in that year's ...

by | December 08, 2018 | 08:02

Jenner's big sister Kim Kardashian , however, did not see it that way. 'Idk if this is really a social experiment to some people but you're messing with real people, real relationships, real family . Rumours surfaced that the rapper had betrayed Kylie after after a blurry photograph emerged of a man who looked similar to him kissing another woman surfaced online.

by | December 08, 2018 | 08:02

An exact date wasn't given, but the game will release on Xbox One , PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The Game was announced at The Game Awards by series creators Matt and Ross Duffer on Thursday night. It's just a matter of seeing what settles over the next few months. They also shared a trailer for the game. And, at the same time, moderately simple, and in a way, nostalgic.

by | December 08, 2018 | 06:30

Not much more was said during the awards that can't be gleaned from the trailer, but Cain confirmed that the game is single-player only and set on the edge of the colonised galaxy, where giant corporations are abusing their position and seemingly holding cryogenically frozen colonists as hostages.

by | December 08, 2018 | 06:29

In the years since, it's been rumored that Obsidian might release a New Vegas follow-up (New Orleans has been a frequently-rumored location for that apparently non-existent game), but despite all that rumormongering, nothing's happened. One of The Outer Worlds' more unique features is its "Flaws" system. However The Outer Worlds turns out, it may be hard for Bethesda's eventual take on the space RPG not to feel like retreaded ground.

by | December 08, 2018 | 04:33

Mortal Kombat 11 will arrive in stores on April 23, 2019. The footage that follows shows a ruined version of the classic Mortal Kombat Monk arena where Scorpion and Raiden facing off in a fight to the finish, which sees the more dark Raiden from the ending of Mortal Kombat X dispatch Scorpion with a thunderous bolt of lightning to the head.