by | October 11, 2017 | 14:35

The incident was filmed by one of Hatheier's daughters and uploaded to the Facebook page of the real estate company where she works. Hatheier felt sorry for the shark and chose to be a good Samaritan. I was just thinking he was trapped in this rock pool and I needed to help him out". The amateur shark wrangler swam into action after her mother called her about the shark episode in the beachside suburb of Cronulla.

by | October 11, 2017 | 13:50

Attorney Greg Skordas said Tuesday that Detective Jeff Payne would likely still be employed if body-camera footage hadn't generated widespread attention online. In the video, which Wubbels said her attorneys received through a public records request, Payne is heard declaring, "We're done!" and Wubbels wails as she's dragged outside of the hospital in handcuffs.

by | October 11, 2017 | 12:52

Matt Damon insists he did not try to quash a story about sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein . Sharon Waxman was researching an expose on the movie mogul for the New York Times back in 2004, which led her to Fabrizio Lombardo - the head of Miramax's Italian office - and allegations he procured women for Weinstein, who is now at the centre of a sex scandal following the publication of two disturbing new articles .

by | October 11, 2017 | 12:41

The Navy relieved the guided-missile destroyer's two top officers-commanding officer Alfredo Sanchez and executive officer Jessie Sanchez-of their duties "due to a lack of confidence". Two other non-fatal incidents have also taken place this year, with the USS Antietam running aground near its base in Japan in January and the USS Lake Champlain colliding with a South Korean fishing vessel in May.

by | October 11, 2017 | 12:39

The incident happened at the Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, Utah , on Monday, reports. The boy was placed into custody of the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) for the night. The child was said not to be injured. A three-year-old boy was left in a corn maze overnight because his parents didn't realise he was gone until the next morning.

by | October 11, 2017 | 12:26

The exception states: "Sexual intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under fifteen years of age, is not rape". "Exception 2 in Section 375 of IPC (Indian Penal Code) granting protection to husband is violative of constitution and fundamental rights of minor bride", the Supreme Court said, according to a report in The Times of India .

by | October 11, 2017 | 11:24

Two years ago, Israeli intelligence officials reported to the NSA that Russian hackers were actively trying to gain access to United States intelligence programs using Russian-made Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus software previoulsy used by United States government agencies.

by | October 11, 2017 | 10:22

Jian Hua Hua, a Chinese TV anchor, shared the photo on Weibo of the incident. The picture is said to have been taken over the recent Golden Week national holiday in China, an eight-day period when many Chinese - said to be six million this year - travel overseas.

by | October 11, 2017 | 09:23

A Texas Tech student accused of shooting and killing an officer at the police station on campus was caught late Monday and is now in custody, police tell local media. The suspect admitted to officers that he was the one who shot East and said he did something "illogical". Authorities say the student, identified by the university as Hollis Daniels, was taken to the campus police station, where he pulled a gun and killed an officer.

by | October 11, 2017 | 09:10

The Indian Army said a soldier was killed after militants fired at a patrol party in the Budgam area. "One terrorist identified as a local, other a Pak national namely Ali". 2-3 terrorists were believed to be holed up in the area, reports say. "Two of them succumbed later", an official was quoted as saying by the Greater Kashmir newspaper.

by | October 11, 2017 | 09:11

Courts of appeal, respectively, in Richmond, Virginia and San Francisco, California, upheld the suspension decision in May and June. But the justices took no action on a separate case from Hawaii. The refugee ban, however, has not - it expires on October 24. Trump explained that the federal government had, as directed in the March 6 order, evaluated the procedures that it used to vet travelers to the United States.

by | October 11, 2017 | 08:56

During Tuesday's briefing, Mr. Sales and Mr. Rasmussen stressed that the US government, which has listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization since October 1997, does not distinguish between the group's various factions. Trump indicated last week he was not inclined to find Iran in compliance and could decertify the deal. The move to crack down on Hezbollah's armed wing is part of a broader effort by the Trump administration to counter Iran and its proxies, including the militant Shiite ...

by | October 11, 2017 | 07:34

Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan cautioned the people of the state to be alert about a deliberate attempt to defame the state and sabotage the cordial atmosphere prevailing in the state. According to The Indian Express , a fake audio clip being circulated in Kozhikode for the last two days purportedly claimed that a hotel employee from West Bengal was beaten to death by his employer.

by | October 11, 2017 | 06:11

The Ministry of defense of South Korea has so far refused to comment on these reports . The compromised documents include wartime contingency plans drawn up by the US and South Korea. continue with what Pyongyang perceives to be a "hostile" policy. This comes after US President Donald Trump last night discussed a "range of options" with his national security team to respond to North Korea's recent nuclear tests.

by | October 11, 2017 | 06:09

Jong-nam, who travelled with a passport bearing the name of Kim Chol, died while on the way to the Putrajaya Hospital. Doan Thi Huong, 28, is charged along with Siti Aisyah, an Indonesian woman, with killing Kim Jong Nam by smearing his face with VX, a chemical poison banned by the United Nations, at Kuala Lumpur airport on February 13.

by | October 11, 2017 | 05:28

Reports of the possible designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist group, among other measures against Tehran, emerged amid concerns that Trump may refuse to recertify the 2015 nuclear deal. According to the newspaper, Trump is expected to deliver a speech on October 12, when he opens the door to modifying the agreement as part of a tougher approach toward Iran.

by | October 11, 2017 | 05:16

We are now looking for a 3-year-old child. Update: Missing ChildThe search for 3-year-old Sherin Mathews continues. RICHARDSON- The search is still on for Sherin Mathews, the three-year-old who disappeared over the weekend. State Child Protective Services removed a 4-year-old child from the home early Monday, he said. He also told detectives he had previously spotted coyotes in the area, but cops aren't investigating this line of inquiry further.

by | October 11, 2017 | 04:58

Duda last spoke to Erdogan over the phone in late April. Erdogan said Turkey wishes to raise the level of trade with Serbia to 3 to 5 billion dollars annually and that it is important that the two countries develop their education, health services, justice and security.

by | October 11, 2017 | 04:50

Senate and he doesn't want to support President Trump and doesn't want to support such basic conservative principles, he should just resign", Miller told CNN's "New Day". "He is also largely responsible for the horrendous Iran Deal!" Corker, who isn't as vocal on the social media platform as the president, fired back Sunday morning.

by | October 11, 2017 | 04:31

Sheriff Joe Lombardo again expressed frustration with the pace of the investigation, but not with the investigators who have yet to pinpoint the motive behind the shooter's decision to fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel casino on a Las Vegas Strip concert crowd of 22,000 on October 1.

by | October 11, 2017 | 03:57

Purdue might be Michigan's best victory, so it's not a pretty resume. Big Western Michigan and U of M fan. With Michigan's elite defense, a coach like Harbaugh and a talented roster, there's no denying the team's goal was to compete for a Big Ten title and a berth in the College Football Playoff.

by | October 11, 2017 | 03:50

In an interview with CBS News reporter Jim Axelrod this week, Ivana said the president offered her to become the US ambassador to the Czech Republic . When asked who raised the children, she responded: "It was definitely me". "Maybe in 15 years, she could run for president?" she writes about Ivanka .

by | October 11, 2017 | 03:47

The South Korean government had announced that a large amount of data had been stolen from its systems in May, and that North Korea may have been behind the cyber-theft, but the government didn't detail what was taken. A visit to the DMZ would fit Trump's appetite for high theatrics, Bong Youngshik, a researcher at Yonsei University's Institute for North Korean Studies in Seoul, said by email.

by | October 11, 2017 | 02:55

A member of staff of the US consulate in Istanbul was arrested last week. "We do not see him as the representative of the United States in Turkey". Turkish embassy in Washington said on Sunday it suspended all non-immigrant visa services at all Turkish diplomatic facilities in the United States, after U.S.

by | October 11, 2017 | 02:45

Corker had been a national security adviser to Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and on Trump's short-list past year for both vice president and secretary of state. Sanders took a question about the story at the beginning of the briefing and said Trump was merely joking , and NBC reporter Kristen Welker later revisited the topic.