by | November 16, 2017 | 02:38

Drake had to check a guy who was getting too handsy with a woman during his show in Sydney on Tuesday. Drake had to be restrained by his stage guardian to stop him jumping into the crowd to take down the fan whose actions angered him. Drake is touring throughout Australia and New Zealand during November for his Boy Meets World Tour , Complex reports. As a matter of fact...try it, and you might just feel the wrath of the 6 God.

by | November 16, 2017 | 02:38

Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope, the first from the Americas, the first from the Southern Hemisphere, the first to have a papal name without a number title since Lando in 913 AD, and the first Pope from outside Europe since the Syrian Gregory III, who reigned in the 8th century.

by | November 16, 2017 | 02:38

On Wednesday , President Donald Trump delivered his first remarks since returning from his trip to Asia, and in the midst of it he clearly got a little parched. And Trump didn't just sip - he stopped later to really guzzle from the pricey Fiji bottle. After opening it with some apparent difficulty, he took a quick, awkward drink and continue on with his speech.

by | November 16, 2017 | 02:19

Julian Simpson , 30, fell from the seventh floor to a second-floor landing at the Clinton Street building where he lived on the Lower East Side around 1:35 a.m., the sources said. Mr Simpson then suggested playing the " trust game " to prove his good will, and began leaning back from the balcony railing for the other man to catch him.

by | November 16, 2017 | 00:56

The gunman's mother said Neal grabbed a steak knife out of the hand of a neighbor "who was threatening him with it". "The sheriff wouldn't do anything about it", said Juan Caravez. "I have to say this incident, as tragic and as bad as it is, could have been so much worse", he said, applauding the quick thinking of the school staff.

by | November 15, 2017 | 21:35

But it took hospital personnel eight hours to notify local law enforcement once they realized Saito was missing. Police released photos of Saito leaving the hospital Monday. The woman, selected at random, was shot in the face with a pellet gun and repeatedly stabbed. Her body was later found in her vehicle at the mall. Almost two decades later, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported that state prosecutors believed Saito fit "all the criteria of a serial killer" and opposed his release.

by | November 15, 2017 | 21:04

Earlier this year, a Congress dissident was caught using the name, which loosely translates to "fool or simpleton". Party sources said Gehlot might release the first list of candidates on Thursday evening, as per IANS . The BJP leader reportedly said that the party will replace the world and submit a new script to the Election Commission for their approval. "This is why we have made success stories of 9 crore people through our Mudra scheme", Shah said also quoting other government ...

by | November 15, 2017 | 21:05

A day earlier, another report showed that Whitefish had been charging the territory $319 an hour for subcontracted labor, while paying the workers-many of whom were brought in from companies in Florida-as much as $63 an hour before mounting public criticism led to the $300 million contract being cancelled in October 2017.

by | November 15, 2017 | 20:59

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar responded saying, "You don't think you are sick or something is wrong with you". As per reports, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had earlier met the representatives of Nirmohi Akhara and All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) to help find an out-of-court settlement to the dispute.

by | November 15, 2017 | 20:46

Select organic and no antibiotic turkeys will be sold at reduced prices of $3.49 per lb. and $2.49 per lb., respectively. Amazon didn't say how long the price reductions would last, but it's safe to assume they'll stick around at least through Christmas.

by | November 15, 2017 | 20:26

And since she could not practice law in England, she returned to India . One who advocated against gender bias and discrimination and did social work for purdahnashins back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. She helped over 600 women and children all over Bengal (West and East), Orissa, Assam and Bihar. From Leila Seth becoming the first woman to be appointed as Chief Justice to a state high court in 1991 to women heading the four major and older high courts today, the picture is improving.

by | November 15, 2017 | 20:17

This week, they're collecting those boxes and several locations in the Tri-State will serve as drop-off sites. "A lot of times it is the only gift they have ever gotten", said Florey. "They know that somebody cares and we like to convey to them that God cares too", said Copeland. "She talked about Etch-a-Sketches", said Dana Kimmel, a volunteer with Operation Christmas Child .

by | November 15, 2017 | 20:00

However, there's a possibility that cold, dry air may push the storm system out to sea. Valley locations will start as rain with higher elevations beginning to see accumulating snow. Wind gusts of thirty to sixty miles per hour are expected at the highest elevations. NWS warns motorists to be prepared for "very long delays" over mountain passes.

by | November 15, 2017 | 19:37

Biden's 11-point margin against Trump is considerable, and it comes at a time when the former vice president is generating a lot of buzz around a possible presidential campaign. Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton (Mass.) said on Tuesday that he "loves Joe Biden", but is ready for a "new generation of Democratic leaders". According to the poll, 41 percent of white voters would support Biden and 40 percent would support Trump.

by | November 15, 2017 | 19:19

Speaking alongside his constituency MP Tulip Siddiq, Ratcliffe said Johnson was considering with lawyers diplomatic protection for his wife. Mr Johnson has apologised to the House of Commons for saying Nazanin was in Iran training journalists - a "gaffe" that appeared to lead to her sentence being extended by Iran authorities.

by | November 15, 2017 | 19:15

The Randolph County Planning Board voted in the affirmative Tuesday night on a rezoning request that would add 370 acres to the 1,500-acre mega-site south of Greensboro. The factory is scheduled to open in 2021. North Carolina economic development officials do not, by policy, discuss the status of negotiations with prospective companies that might be considering the state to relocate or expand.

by | November 15, 2017 | 18:46

Mr Brandis expects the Senate will deal with the bill by the end of the next sitting week on November 30. He also called for a provision to state that "nothing in the bill makes it unlawful for people to hold and to express the views of their own religion on marriage ".

by | November 15, 2017 | 18:39

O'Neill won two titles with Shamrock and made history by being the first manager of a league of Ireland team to reach the group stages of a European competition. But O'Neill will not take the decision to leave his country lightly. Northern Ireland are now 23rd in the Federation Internationale de Football Association rankings, six places above Scotland.

by | November 15, 2017 | 18:21

Abramowitz said in a statement in the group's 44-page report . They include paid commentators, trolls, bots and fake news, which are used to harass journalists, flood social media with fabricated opinions and erode trust in other media. For instance, Ukraine has stopped citizens from accessing Russia-based services. Educating users to spot fake news and making tech firms police their networks could combat the manipulation, it said.

by | November 15, 2017 | 17:37

The soldier was being operated upon for a second time on Wednesday, the hospital treating him said. South Korean troops found the injured soldier south of the border after hearing sounds of gunfire, a South Korean Defense Ministry official said, requesting anonymity, citing department rules.

by | November 15, 2017 | 16:26

The government said it wants an implementation period of around two years after Brexit - but insists Britain will be fully out of the European Union by then. The story was dismissed on Tuesday as "a blatant piece of bullying " by Anna Soubry, one of the MPs named in it, who said her office had been forced to report five threatening tweets made to her in the wake of its publication.

by | November 15, 2017 | 15:40

Senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct. You must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies... Last week, The Washington Post published an investigative report in which four women claimed Moore pursued relationships with them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s, including one who said Moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was 14.

by | November 15, 2017 | 14:22

Those groups are required to report on their funding, include a "foreign agent" disclaimer in content they publish and are subject to inspections by authorities. "I would like to hope that it will only be used once and there will be no need for more retaliatory action", Levin said. After a foreign media outlet is declared a foreign agent, it will become subject to restrictions now imposed on non-profit organization declared foreign agents.

by | November 15, 2017 | 13:41

Local media Lianhe Zaobao quoted Singapore Civil Defence Force sources as saying that the 23 injured passengers were sent to hospitals, and majority sustained minor injuries. The incident happened at the time that the Circle Line, better known as the Yellow Line, was affected by delays which the SMRT attributed to "a signal fault" at about 6 am.

by | November 15, 2017 | 13:40

Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told San Francisco news network KCRA that the shooter was killed by police. Enloe Hospital has received four patients: three students and one adult, all in unknown conditions, a hospital official said. Tehama County is a rural community about a hundred miles north of Sacramento . A neighbor of the shooter spoke with the media and said that the suspect was acting "crazy", and that the suspect threatened him and his roommate before stealing his truck.