by | January 19, 2018 | 15:47

Your recent coverage of the possibility of nuclear conflict in Korea, along with bogus incoming missile alerts terrifying the Hawaiian islands, all take me back to another worldwide crisis in October, 1962 (" Hawaii didn't need approval to retract missile alert, FEMA says ", January 17).

by | January 19, 2018 | 15:38

Police said overnight falls had made travel in many parts of the country "extremely dangerous" and lorry drivers should drive with extreme caution. Meteorologist Alex Burkill said that today (January 17) "it is going to be quite windy as low pressure pushes through tonight and that could bring some snow across parts of Scotland and in particular northern England".

by | January 19, 2018 | 15:25

Most were on the East Coast and Midwest; Los Angeles was the only West Coast city that made the cut. Competition has been fierce, since Amazon says it plans to invest $5 billion in its new headquarters and create "as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs" in the city it picks.

by | January 19, 2018 | 15:22

Switzerland's new measure stipulates that beginning March 1, lobsters must be knocked out - either by electric shock or "mechanical destruction" of the brain - before boiling them, according to Swiss public broadcaster RTS. Chef Bryce Shuman of New York City's Betony showed Business Insider's health reporter Kevin Loria the proper way to kill a lobster before cooking it.

by | January 19, 2018 | 15:06

At this, Chandrachud intervened: "Even when you apply for an insurance policy or a mobile connection, the private insurance agent or the mobile service provider requires identity proof". Divan added the petitioners were concerned regarding the integrity of information collected by private enrollers. Divan said there was a difference between sharing information with a private party known to one and an unknown one.

by | January 19, 2018 | 15:01

If passed into law, the bill would fund the government until February 16, as well as authorize six years of funding for the Children's Health Insurance Plan, which provides health coverage for children from low-income families. Democrats had previously threatened to not authorize funding federal government programs until the DACA issue had been addressed. Even if they were, that bill would still need to pass the House, where the right flank of the Republican party has more leverage.

by | January 19, 2018 | 15:00

Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are banking on Democratic senators up for re-election in states that voted for Trump previous year to provide the nine votes needed to reach the 60-vote threshold to pass the House spending measure.

by | January 19, 2018 | 14:50

Sign up today for a free 30 day free trial of unlimited digital access. Fisher is scheduled to have surgery Thursday. He did, and it's a biggie. "There's a difference between having faith in something sometimes when you can't see it, and believing it because now you've seen it, you've experienced it, you've felt it, you know the difference", Pebley said.

by | January 19, 2018 | 14:48

Russian state television showed Mr Putin marching onto the ice of frozen Lake Seliger, about 250 miles north of Moscow, dressed in a sheepskin coat and felt boots. The ice swimming tradition is becoming more popular among Russians, the pollster said. It was the first time the 65-year-old, who regularly poses barechested on wilderness expeditions, publicly took part in the ritual.

by | January 19, 2018 | 14:46

The spokesperson said the United States administration believes Saeed was the mastermind behind the terror attacks in Mumbai that killed many people, including Americans. Talking to reporters here, State Department spokesperson stated this, days after President Donald Trump's administration announced to withhold military aid of 1.1 billion U.S.

by | January 19, 2018 | 14:21

Schumer, in response, decried "complete disarray" on the Republican side. During the 2013 shutdown , for instance, thousands of people were stranded inside Grand Canyon National Park, a lot of them employees of hotels, restaurants and other companies that operate inside the boundaries of the park.

by | January 19, 2018 | 14:15

Baby Moshe lost his parents in the 2008 terror attack in Mumbai . Moshe likes the people of India and loves the country. In a brief address in Hebrew, Netanyahu thanked Moshe for hosting him and taking him around his residence inside Chabad House where he lived as a toddler.

by | January 19, 2018 | 14:07

Then there are what the president called " shithole countries " - Haiti and all the nations of Africa - whose people (overwhelmingly black and brown) the president doesn't think belong here. This speaks to America and its view toward immigration . "I think it is terrific". Ivana Trump was asked about contested allegations that Trump used a slur when referring several third-world countries during a meeting with six senators.

by | January 19, 2018 | 14:05

The Chief Minister forwarded the resignation to Punjab Governor V.P. Singh Badnore for necessary action, while taking over the crucial portfolios himself. Rana Gurjit was caught up in a controversy related to sand mine auction in May. People associated with Rana Gurjit and his companies, including his former cook, had bagged multi-crore rupee sand mining contracts in May previous year.

by | January 19, 2018 | 13:43

According to Australian media, the couple had lived in the flat in King Street for several months and police believe Gurung murdered Ms Blake before killing himself. One former colleague of Gurung wrote on Facebook: "My best wishes and prayers go out to the girl that got killed by my friend Brazil , she didn't deserve that, no one deserves to die".

by | January 19, 2018 | 13:11

Mr Zeman has promised Mr Babis another chance to form a government, but negotiations could take months, with few if any of the country's political parties keen on the idea of joining a coalition with forces with his Action of Dissatisfied Citizens (ANO) party, which won 30 per cent of the vote and 78 out of 200 seats in the general election of October 2017.

by | January 19, 2018 | 13:01

The two sides agreed Monday to meet again at their border on Wednesday for working-level talks ahead of the International Olympic Committee meeting. North Korea said the art troupe will comprise 80 orchestra members and 60 members who sing and dance.

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:52

Novak Djokovic has dismissed reports he proposed a boycott of next year's Australian Open and a players' union to break away from the ATP. Maria Sharapova cruised into the second round of the Australian Open with a 6-1 6-4 win over Tatjana Maria of Germany on Margaret Court Arena.

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:48

Financial services is one of the sectors in which France hopes to seize an increased share of the European Union market after Brexit. Challenged about his opposition to including financial services in any EU-UK free trade agreement, he said: "I am here neither to punish nor to reward".

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:46

The producers of Padmaavat had appealed to the Supreme Court to remove the ban on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, and the hearing took place today, January 18, 2018 . "The states involved should respect decision and curb bullies", he wrote. To avoid any kind of law and order situation, the four states have banned release of Padmaavat .

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:36

North and South Korea agreed Wednesday to march together under a " unified Korea " flag into next month's winter Olympics in the south - an unexpected development that contrasts heightened global tensions over the North's ongoing nuclear and ballistic missile provocations.

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:29

James committed six turnovers, including an ill-advised pass stolen by Gordon that led to Shelvin Mack's go-ahead basket with 31.5 seconds to go. An inadvertent whistle resulted in a jump ball with 0.2 left. Derrick Rose , playing in his first game since November 7, scored nine off the bench. The Cavs have many issues, including playing poorly in the second half - particularly in the third quarter.

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:26

In case, Kovind accepts the recommendation, a small Assembly election may also be conducted in Delhi, where 20 vacant seats will be up for grabs. The ruling AAP has a giant majority in the 70-member Delhi assembly with 65 seats and the disqualification will not endanger the Arvind Kejriwal government.

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:08

He was admitted at the hospital two days ago. "Today morning he passed away", Dr Ravi Thippeswamy of the hospital said. The doctors at the hospital confirmed that Kashinath was suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma, a news that seems to have come as a surprise to many of his colleagues in Kannada cinema.

by | January 19, 2018 | 12:04

Still battling over what President Donald Trump did - or didn't - say during a tense White House immigration meeting last week with lawmakers, Senators used a hearing with the Homeland Security Secretary on Tuesday to publicly appeal for compromise on DACA and a series of politically hard immigration issues, as one Republican urged the President to " close this deal".