by | May 28, 2018 | 17:12

In a post on Twitter, Mrs May said: "The Irish Referendum yesterday was an impressive show of democracy which delivered a clear and unambiguous result". But Cannon also said he respected the results of the referendum and would "vote to implement the will of our people, as expressed today". The vote removes a 1983 amendment that required Irish authorities to defend the lives of a woman and a foetus equally on nearly all abortions.

by | May 28, 2018 | 17:01

On Thursday Trump cancelled his upcoming meeting with Kim which had been due to take place in Singapore on June 12 - only to reverse course a day later and say it could still go ahead after productive talks were held with the North Korean oficials.

by | May 28, 2018 | 16:20

Rosenstein appointed special counsel Robert Mueller , who is leading the Russian Federation investigation , and is frequently criticized by Mr. Trump. A second meeting, on Capitol Hill, was held with members of the "Gang of Eight", which includes the top leadership in the House and Senate plus the top Republicans and Democrats on the intelligence committees.

by | May 28, 2018 | 14:01

In a statement, Barry said "changes in the world, the current socio-economic challenges facing our country and our region call on us to reconsider our position". Tsai said Taiwan would not engage in "dollar diplomacy" and would not cower to China's pressure. While internally, some Taiwanese citizens prefer largely to maintain the status quo.

by | May 28, 2018 | 13:11

Meteorologist Mike Muccilli said the worst of the rain appeared to be over by about 8:30 p.m. Sunday. It's the same street devastated by flash flooding in July 2016. " Multiple rescues in progress". Tweets posted by Kevin Rector, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun whose website says he is a native of Ellicott City , show in photos and videos scenes of damaged storefronts and washed out roads.

by | May 28, 2018 | 12:31

Numerous women have said they felt cornered, with some describing how they were simply too afraid to say no , terrified of being shunned from Hollywood all together. The felony charges concern "forcible sexual acts against two women in 2013 and 2004, respectively", the Manhattan District Attorney's Office announced Friday.

by | May 28, 2018 | 12:32

His appointment was opposed by the current Italian President Sergio Mattarella. He would be a calming choice for the financial markets, who were spooked by Savona's criticism of the euro and German economic policy. "Sticking with the euro is a fundamentally important choice for our country and our young people", Mattarella said in a late-night statement at the Qurinale Palace.

by | May 28, 2018 | 12:05

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) issued a statement Saturday saying he's been working behind-the-scenes for all that time with presidents Obama and Trump to persuade the government of Venezuela to make the release possible. Following the vote, Maduro expelled USA charge d'affaires Todd Robinson and his deputy for allegedly conspiring to sabotage the vote by pressuring opposition parties to boycott the election, which had the lowest voter turnout in decades.

by | May 28, 2018 | 06:07

I spoke to him briefly after the race, and I just said "I told you so", based on a little chat we had before it. But it's a race where lots can happen, you can never get content even if things are looking good and you've got a quick auto.

by | May 27, 2018 | 22:56

If convicted, Dolezal could face up to 15 years in prison. The former activist deposited almost 84,000 U.S. dollars (£63,000) into her bank account without reporting the majority of it, court documents say . Diallo did, however, report a one-time job in October 2017 for which she earned $20,000. She also was dismissed from a police ombudsman commission and lost a university teaching post.

by | May 27, 2018 | 22:30

Meanwhile, Israel has started building an ocean barrier to prevent Palestinians leaving Gaza by sea, the Defence Ministry said on Sunday. "The IDF views with great severity the daily attempts of the Hamas terrorist organization to strike at security infrastructure in Israeli territory while threatening the security of both residents and soldiers", read the IDF statement .

by | May 27, 2018 | 21:27

Such moves would be created to reinforce to Kim that he faces more potential economic pain, especially if he takes any provocative action after Trump on Thursday abruptly canceled their planned June 12 summit in Singapore. On Thursday Mr Trump called off the meeting - due in Singapore next month - citing the North's "hostility". A White House team will leave as scheduled for Singapore this weekend to prepare for the possible summit, a White House spokeswoman said on Saturday.

by | May 27, 2018 | 19:56

However, Trump said on Saturday he was still looking at a June 12 date for a summit in Singapore and that talks were progressing very well. That hasn't changed , and it's moving along pretty well. "They shared the opinion that they would meet frequently in the future to make dialogue brisk and pool wisdom and efforts", KCNA said. Trump has said Kim would be both secure in his rule and rich, as the USA and other countries would offer substantial economic aid and investment.

by | May 27, 2018 | 16:29

The meetings were sought by Trump's GOP allies and arranged by the White House, as the president has tried to sow suspicions about the legitimacy of the FBI investigation that spawned a special counsel probe. But the fact that this is what Trump does shouldn't distract us from the allegations here: Donald Trump is saying his predecessor as president used the leading law enforcement entity in the country to spy on him because Obama/the "deep state" didn't want someone as unconventional ...

by | May 27, 2018 | 14:13

South Korean President Moon Jae-in shakes hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during their summit at the truce village of Panmunjom, North Korea, in this handout picture provided by the Presidential Blue House on May 26, 2018. and North Korean working-level officials would be discussing the agenda of the summit. A White House team will travel to Singapore as earlier planned to continue preparations for the on-again, off-again Trump-Kim meeting.

by | May 27, 2018 | 10:30

Today, I watched with tears of joy as it became clear that two-thirds of Irish people voted to repeal the 35-year constitutional ban on abortion and to allow parliament to regulate abortion access in the future. Voters over the age of 65 were the only ones to come out against the repeal according to projections, with 58.7 percent voting "No". "This is a monumental day for women in Ireland", Orla O'Connor, co-director of the Together for Yes group, said.

by | May 27, 2018 | 09:57

Indian meteorologists expected the "very severe" cyclone to strike Oman on Saturday near Salalah, the sultanate's third-largest city and home to some 200,000 people near the country's border with Yemen. However, that cyclone was categorized as a Category 1 hurricane, meaning it only had winds of up to 95 miles per hour (152 kph). Flash floods engulfed Socotra streets, cutting electricity and communication lines.

by | May 27, 2018 | 08:39

Trump told Holt that he had been "incredibly brave" to endure nearly two years in a Venezuelan prison. "After their honeymoon a year ago, the couple settled into Candelo's apartment in a housing project on the outskirts of Caracas. In a harrowing recent Facebook post, Holt pleaded for help and for his life, from a Caracas jail. They say they're doing things but I'm still here.

by | May 27, 2018 | 07:27

The middle school has about 1,300 students in grades 6 through 8. Student Austin Duncan told local broadcaster WTTV that occupants of his classroom barricaded a door and huddled together while a teacher grabbed a baseball bat for protection.

by | May 27, 2018 | 07:28

Neither victim was named. Weinstein agreed to post $1 million cash bail, wear an electronic monitor and not travel beyond NY and CT. Evans is just one of the countless women who have come forward with sexual assault allegations against Weinstein .

by | May 27, 2018 | 06:24

The two leaders agreed to accelerate consultations to realize the projects and dispatch business missions to the islands in July. President Macron on said he hoped Donald Trump would return to Iran nuclear negotiations but that for now French companies would have to decide for themselves how to react to renewed USA sanctions against Tehran.

by | May 27, 2018 | 04:48

Initially, the justice and intelligence officials agreed to White House requests for a briefing only for two Republican House members. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who attended the first Republican-only briefing, also declined to discuss what he learned.

by | May 27, 2018 | 04:10

At their two-hour, Saturday afternoon meeting, "The two leaders exchanged candid opinions on how to implement the April 27 Panmunjom Declaration and to have a successful North Korea-US summit", South Korea's presidential Blue House announced in a terse press note.

by | May 26, 2018 | 23:35

Irish citizens living overseas who want to participate in the country's abortion referendum are flying home to cast their vote - with some even offering to pay others' travel costs. Thousands of abortion-rights opponents demonstrate in Dublin on March 10. Pro-repeal campaigners claim that around 170,000 women have travelled overseas, mostly to Britain , to seek abortions since.

by | May 26, 2018 | 23:38

One to four hurricanes could be "major" with sustained winds of at least 178 km/h, he said. The NOAA scientists' complex model predicts there will be 10 to 16 storms this year that reach wind speeds of at least 39 miles per hour, earning them a climatological name .