by | December 27, 2018 | 09:44

The president spoke to a group of about 100 mostly special forces personnel and separately with military leaders before leaving a few hours later. The paper reported that the daughters of a podiatrist in NY who is now dead said their father had given Trump a bone-spur diagnosis as a favor to Fred Trump, who owned the building where the doctor had his office.

by | December 27, 2018 | 09:13

Two of the homes received structural damage and some fire damage. The exact number of people in the plane and homes wasn't immediately clear. The Minnehaha County coroner positively identified Vaughn and JoAnn Meyer, both 68, as the only two victims from the plane crash, KSFY-TV reported .

by | December 27, 2018 | 07:56

Anak Krakatau, or "Child of Krakatau". Indonesian authorities are asking people near an island volcano to avoid the coast while eruptions and weather and sea conditions are monitored for tsunami risks. Over 2,000 soldiers and police, along with personnel from the search and rescue office and the disaster management agency office as well as volunteers, were participating in an emergency relief operation, which still put a priority on the search and rescue of the victims, Sutopo added.

by | December 27, 2018 | 07:54

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were detained earlier this month. Canada's foreign minister Chrystia Freeland on Saturday called on allies for support in securing the release of the detained Canadians, adding that the arrests set a "worrying precedent" for the entire worldwide community.

by | December 27, 2018 | 07:09

Authorities are hunting for a man wanted for gunning down a police officer in Newman, California , during a traffic stop Wednesday morning. He is to be considered armed and unsafe. Singh reported initiating a traffic stop shortly before 1 Newman, located about 80 miles east of San Jose, police said. Police say an extended cab Dodge Ram pickup was seen in the area at the time of the shooting.

by | December 27, 2018 | 06:38

At the time he said Russian Federation had developed the weapons because of Washington's efforts to develop US missile-defense capabilities. Russia President Vladimir Putin visits the National Defense Control Centre in Moscow on Wednesday to oversee the test of a new Russian hypersonic missile system called Avangard, which can carry nuclear and conventional warheads.

by | December 27, 2018 | 02:52

The third attacker was killed in the gunfire exchange with the ministry guards. Smoke rises shortly after an attack on the foreign ministry building, in Tripoli , Libya , on December 25. Libya was plunged into chaos following the 2011 uprising that toppled and killed Moammar Gadhafi, allowing IS and other extremist groups to gain a foothold.

by | December 27, 2018 | 02:41

The president, who canceled plans to retreat to Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate, for the holidays, instead remained at the White House, where he issued a series of angry tweets over the shutdown. The president said he aimed to have a barrier stretching across 500 to 550 miles of the 2,000-mile border, and "to have it either renovated or brand new by election time".

by | December 27, 2018 | 02:22

It was unclear if the pilot died or what had caused the crash. She was the state's first female governor. Alonso had assumed the Puebla governorship - the post in which her husband had served from 2011-2017 - on December 14, after a lengthy and controversial election controversy.

by | December 27, 2018 | 01:23

He also appreciated the role of various institutions in the fields of education, health and public welfare being managed by the Christian community across the country. "Jesus came to reveal the face of God to all those who seek him". Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu today extended greetings to the people of both the Telugu States and in other countries on the eve of Christmas .

by | December 27, 2018 | 00:10

High temperatures on Christmas were expected to reach 45 degrees and fall overnight to a low of 28 degrees. Wednesday night, cold air will start sliding into Northwest Kansas, changing the rain over to freezing rain and snowfall. There is still some uncertainty where the heavier bands of snow might set up, but it is likely that most valleys will see 1 to 2 inches of snowfall, with amounts increasing as elevation increases into the mountains.

by | December 26, 2018 | 23:16

In a nod to the political stakes he's facing, Trump said he wants the wall by "election time" in 2020. Trump has said the stalemate will only end if the Democrats , who now control the lower House of Representatives, agree to fund the wall.

by | December 26, 2018 | 22:37

Last year, Trump visited wounded troops at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on December 21. Wire photos showed Trump and First Lady Melania Trump meeting with soldiers and military leaders at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq. Trump has questioned how long troops there should have to remain in what has become America's longest war. Mr. Mattis will leave his post on January 1 and will be replaced by Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan.

by | December 26, 2018 | 22:14

Japan says it is leaving the International Whaling Commission to resume commercial hunts but says it will no longer go to the Antarctic to hunt. Japan killed at least 488 whales off its coast, in the Antarctic and the Northwest Pacific during the annual hunt that ended in 2017, according to IWC.

by | December 26, 2018 | 21:40

On Christmas Day we will be expecting a nice warm sunny day, which might be uncommon for other places up north but here in South Texas, its what we have come to expect. A lot can change from one year to the next, so it's important to enjoy the good times and make as many memories as possible. Man, these are coming around faster and faster every year.

by | December 26, 2018 | 20:16

The national institute for geophysics and vulcanology (INGV) said the quake happened at 3:18 am (0218 GMT) at a depth of 1.2 kilometres (0.75 miles). Despite the closure of a part of the highway running along the coast, the airport at the eastern city of Catania, the capital of the province, was open.

by | December 26, 2018 | 18:24

It was unclear when residents would be allowed back into the building, with a temporary shelter set up at a nearby hall. Engineers and the building's managers remained at the 38-storey building overnight but emergency services have since left after declaring there were no longer concerns of the tower collapsing.

by | December 26, 2018 | 07:14

Israel said it deployed its air defenses against a missile shot from Syria as Damascus claimed to intercept " enemy targets " near Damascus Tuesday night. But it added in a statement: "An aerial defence system went off against an anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria". The reported attack near Damascus is the first since U.S.

by | December 26, 2018 | 04:45

The video won't show much until Santa is finally about ready to take off, so stay patient until the fun begins! Meanwhile, The North American Aerospace Defence Command (Norad) will update its site with the latest news on where Santa Claus is on Christmas Eve.

by | December 26, 2018 | 03:34

With Congress out of town and the debate over Trump's demand for a $5 billion US-Mexico border wall at an impasse, the president sat holed up, tweeting no less than 10 times by early afternoon to lash out at opponents and reject responsibility for a plummeting stock market.

by | December 26, 2018 | 00:57

Staff diagnosed him with a cold but later discovered a fever. The child, who was travelling with his father, died shortly after midnight on Christmas Day . Officials said more information would be released shortly. CBP announced new notification procedures in response to Jakelin's death, which was not revealed until several days later.

by | December 25, 2018 | 22:17

North Korea's position on the question has changed little from a Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) statement released February, which accuses " the Trump clan " of "intentionally stoking up the anti-DPRK smear campaign" over Warmbier's death, " tarnishing " North Korea's "international image and finding an excuse for intensifying the global pressure campaign"; in other words, the U.S.

by | December 25, 2018 | 19:41

Trump said he coordinated with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - who has been warning that he will attack US-allied Kurdish fighters who had seized ground from ISIS. "The execute order for Syria has been signed", a spokesperson for the USA military was quoted by AFP as saying late on December 23 without offering further details.

by | December 25, 2018 | 18:45

I would say this is a great way to get a little Christmas snow without all the headaches of a big storm. Both the White Salmon and Heather Meadows areas will be open for skiing and snowboarding on Christmas. We are not tracking measurable snow for the metro. "This storm at the end of this week is something that you might be altering plans for, and that might be a real mess".

by | December 25, 2018 | 18:25

Ankara considers the YPG a terrorist organization. A rebel spokesman said on Monday Turkish-backed Syrian forces had reinforced the area around the town of Manbij, occupied by the Kurdish fighters, in preparation for the USA withdrawal.