by | February 04, 2019 | 21:25

Evacuation efforts continue Monday in the Australian city of Townsville in the tropical northeast state of Queensland, after authorities made a decision to fully open the gates of a dam Sunday. "Flash flooding from Dam". Residents still in their homes in these suburbs should move to the highest ground in their dwelling before 8.30pm tonight.

by | February 04, 2019 | 20:01

A spokeswoman for Herman Quay, the jail's warden, told the Times in an email that the building experienced a partial power outage on Saturday, but she denied that it had affected heat and hot water in the jail's housing units. "We've told the Federal Bureau of Prisons the supplies are coming", the mayor added. Officials with the American Federation of Government Employees, the union that represents corrections officers at the jail, confirmed the lawyers' accounts of the jail conditions in ...

by | February 04, 2019 | 19:39

He added that Venezuela is being "threatened by the biggest powers in the world". Meanwhile, the government of France warned they would recognize Juan Guaido as legitimate leader of Venezuela unless Maduro agrees to call a presidential election by midnight Monday.

by | February 04, 2019 | 18:44

China's comments come as relations between the two nations harden on the eve of crucial trade talks. January 25: Trudeau fires Ambassador McCallum after the envoy is quoted saying it would be great for Canada if the US drops its extradition request for Meng.

by | February 04, 2019 | 18:40

He said troops could keep an eye on Iranian activity from a base in Iraq , which he said the USA would not give up, though insisted he would not use it to attack the Islamic Republic. Trump implied better practical intelligence on Iran's activity is vitally needed because too many of his critics seem to believe Iran is "a wonderful kindergarten".

by | February 04, 2019 | 12:39

Before his speech, Pence sat down with a college professor who says he was physically assaulted by armed pro-government groups. Venezuela's self-declared leader, Juan Guaido, showed off a plan Thursday for the development of the country. The military controls some of the country's key assets including the state run oil company, and its top brass has helped Maduro to survive previous rounds of mass protests in 2014 and 2017 by jailing activists and repressing protesters.

by | February 04, 2019 | 10:25

The deceased people have not been identified yet. Two other people were injured in the incident. Video from a witness shows at least one two-story home engulfed in flames as neighbors looked on. It sounded like something exploded. "And then all of a sudden boom. It shook our house". It was unclear if they were in the house or the plane. Panicked neighbours rushed to the burning home, dousing burning debris on the street with water from garden hoses.

by | February 04, 2019 | 04:53

He had escaped in the morning while the van was at a McDonald's in Conroe, about 40 miles north of Houston, and was last seen wearing an orange jumpsuit and restraints. Marks was recently en route to Bell County, as he was being extradited from MI to face allegations of burglarizing the home of a former friend, Jenna Scott, according to KCEN-TV.

by | February 03, 2019 | 22:47

According to Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami, who spoke at the ceremony, "The range of Hoveizeh missile is over 840 miles and it is good for targeting ground targets". U.S. President Donald Trump's administration pulled out of the accord in May and reimposed sanctions against Iran, citing the missile program among its reasons.

by | February 03, 2019 | 22:28

The United States has recognized Guaidó as the legitimate president in Venezuela over the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro that has been in power for two decades. Venezuela's chief military attache to the United States also said he was defecting last week. "It's time for Maduro to get out of the way", Bolton tweeted.

by | February 03, 2019 | 19:31

The cancellation shouldn't affect the 7,000 people who already work at the plant, but it does mean the hundreds of new jobs the investment would have created will no longer be available. The U-turn comes as figures show auto production slumped by nearly a tenth past year, leaving the industry on "red alert" amid continued Brexit uncertainty.

by | February 03, 2019 | 19:04

He remained on the ground until he was found by colleagues. He then tries to subtly throw the ice on the floor. Pictured, Randolph , NJ man, Alexander Goldinsky . Goldinsky was released on a summons and with an initial court appearance scheduled for February 7, in New Brunswick Superior Court. The prosecution of insurance fraud is part of a statewide crackdown by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, officials said, according to CBS New York.

by | February 03, 2019 | 17:33

Trump", Feinstein wrote. "Has anyone heard from Adam Schiff? ". In that interview, Trump Jr. said he didn't tell his father about the meeting when it happened and he declined to elaborate on what he ultimately told him after the meeting became public.

by | February 03, 2019 | 14:32

India has lodged a protest with the United States after several Indian students were detained in connection with their enrolment in a fake university. So the students may have thought it was an authorised university and work programme through a type of F-1 visa known as CPT (Curricular Practical Training).

by | February 03, 2019 | 13:43

The talks are to conclude in two weeks and Mr. Trump has previously warned that if they do not end with money to build a wall on the border with Mexico , he will allow another government shutdown. "I could see we're getting nowhere with the Democrats, we're not going to get anywhere with them", the President said. However, the speech is bound to be one of the most politically fraught in years, coming against the backdrop of a bitter row with opposition Democrats who refuse to fund Trump's ...

by | February 03, 2019 | 12:15

Footage of how Nigeria's Vice President Yemi Osinbajo's Helicopter crushed has been finally released after a mounted high pressure from a section of Nigerian youths. Prof. Osinbajo now in Kabba after the incident and continuing his engagements in the State, engaging the people on the Next Level plan of the Buhari administration.

by | February 03, 2019 | 10:57

Brisbane Airport was reopened shortly after midnight, however passengers have been warned that delays are expected to continue well into Sunday. He then chased the woman, a family member, while brandishing the knife, witnesses told Brisbane's The Sunday Mail.

by | February 02, 2019 | 23:42

Those two known campaigns spent more money in the two weeks prior to the special election than Facebook and Twitter have claimed the IRA expended in the two-year period prior to the United States 2016 presidential election, and saw Americans from one party posing as members of another party, complete with fake pages, news and events, in order to convince Alabama voters to change their ballot marks.

by | February 02, 2019 | 23:12

A press conference was scheduled for Saturday afternoon. "We stand with Democrats across Virginia and the country calling him to immediately resign". The governor, this Democrat said, wanted to take responsibility on Friday night, which was why he apologized for appearing in the picture without acknowledging which person he was in the image.

by | February 02, 2019 | 20:24

Between the treaty's signature in 1987 and May 1991 over 2,500 missiles had been destroyed. The INF Treaty marked the first time the two Cold War superpowers agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenals, eliminate an entire category of nuclear weapons, and utilize extensive on-site inspections for verification.

by | February 02, 2019 | 16:56

This year's prediction was rare. Yes, the 133-year-old groundhog was pulled from his hiding place early this morning and the president of the Groundhog club was able to get Phil's prediction for the coming year. TIME tested the accuracy of various groundhogs based on their ability to predict the weather of their relative geographic area. " Groundhog Day is something you can only find in our commonwealth, and we're honored to share Phil's prediction with visitors, residents, and the ...

by | February 02, 2019 | 15:47

Warren did end up taking a DNA test, which estimated that she was 1/64th to 1/1024th Native American. Warren took heat from Cherokee Nation secretary of state Chuck Hoskin the time , who said in a statement she was "undermining tribal interests".

by | February 02, 2019 | 09:25

Stone did not speak in court Friday except to say "Yes, Your Honor", when asked if he understood that he could not discuss the case with other witnesses. The collected evidence on the hard drives has information from iCloud and email accounts, bank records, and digital financial content that dates back several years.

by | February 02, 2019 | 08:57

Canada's embassy in Havana, Cuba . "There is no evidence that Canadian travelers to Cuba are at risk", the government said . Following the last confirmed case of unusual health symptoms in November 2018, a number of Canadian diplomatic staff posted to Havana underwent additional medical testing.

by | February 02, 2019 | 06:38

Evan Ellis, a Latin America expert at the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute. Similar talks in the past have failed, and opposition leaders have said Maduro uses them to stall for time. And last week, the Bank of England denied Maduro officials' request to withdraw US$1.2 billion of gold stored there after top USA officials, including Bolton and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, lobbied their United Kingdom counterparts to cut off the regime from its overseas holdings.