by | September 27, 2017 | 00:27

Operation Pangea X led to the launch of 1,058 investigations and the shutdown of 3,584 websites, Interpol said. He said the ease with which the public can buy opioids online is of particular concern. "Some of the websites sold unapproved versions of multiple prescription opioids directly to USA consumers", he said. "This easy and illegal availability of these controlled substances fuels the misuse and abuse of opioids", Gottlieb continued.

by | September 27, 2017 | 00:23

Police say Emanuel Kidega Samson shot and killed a woman in the parking lot of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ as the church dismissed at 11:15 a.m. A woman, named as 39-year-old Melanie Smith of Smyrna, was found dead in the vehicle park near the suspect's auto. Engle, in a statement from the hospital where he was treated, said he didn't want to be labeled as a hero.

by | September 27, 2017 | 00:09

The airport remains open, although there are plans in place if the volcano does erupt. A 12 kilometer exclusion zone has been set up around the volcano , on the northeastern side of Bali and more than 48,000 people have been evacuated.

by | September 26, 2017 | 09:19

The story chronicles the histories of the many African-American women who helped America launch ahead in the space race, and broadcasted Johnson's pioneering contributions far and wide. "It was a piece of cake", Johnson joked about her legendary math skills during her time at NASA in Hampton . She started in in the segregated West Area Computing Group in 1953 under Dorothy Vaughan .

by | September 26, 2017 | 07:37

Thousands of people affirmed that with the arrival of the new millennium humanity would end, then when nothing happened, as expected, came new theories that related Mayan culture and its calendars to the end of the world. Now, he says the real "action" will start on october 15. That's when the action starts. Amid the sensationalism, Meade has been widely criticized for his dramatic predictions, but the self-described specialist in research and investigations said mainstream media had ...

by | September 26, 2017 | 07:31

Bannon forwarded the email on to Yiannopoulos, asking him to "get on this". One of the people included in the email thread said that it seemed hard for Breitbart to do it "quietly without [Facebook] becoming aware of efforts". This initiative mirrors the recent situation at Google in which James Damore was terminated after distributing a sexist memo criticizing the company's pro-diversity efforts and asserting that women are not suitable for high-profile jobs in the tech industry.

by | September 26, 2017 | 07:07

Microsoft's original Teams launch made it look obvious that Skype for Business would eventually disappear, given the fact that Teams integrates most of Skype's functionality already. It allows you to control who has access to a file and share with people outside your organization even if they don't have a Microsoft Account. For those who do make the transition to Teams, Microsoft promises lots of new calling features and meeting enhancements with outbound and inbound calls to and from ...

by | September 26, 2017 | 07:00

According to insiders, this season of Idol will stick with three, not four judges. The Bryan news comes just as talk of Lionel Richie , who was said to be deep into negotiations, is reportedly no longer being considered. ABC has yet to confirm the show's place in it's Primetime schedule but it is believed to have an air time on Sunday and Monday evenings. Ryan Seacrest , who hosted every season of the original " American Idol ", is returning to the show, and told reporters backstage at ...

by | September 26, 2017 | 03:14

TCU had a plan to stop Oklahoma State , and in a 44-31 win over the Pokes in Stillwater, it was plain as day. It wasn't just that the Cowboys lost. Barrett threw touchdown passes to five different receivers in the first half , and No. 10 Ohio State (3-1) cruised past UNLV (1-2) 54-21. Putting the ball in the hands of the running backs early and often is one way to limit Hill's mistakes without really trying.

by | September 26, 2017 | 02:32

If he decides that it is not, it could open the way for renewed USA sanctions and perhaps the collapse of the agreement. The Khorramshahr missile was paraded, despite warnings from the United States against Iran's weapons program, in the presence of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and senior military leaders.

by | September 26, 2017 | 02:13

The Tea Party-backed Kentuckian says there's too much spending in a proposal by Republicans Lindsey Graham of SC and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana - and calls for a "significant reassessment of this trillion-dollar spending regime". Now, in a desperate move to revive the bill, the party has increased funding for some states like ME (43 percent) and Arizona (14 percent), according to estimates of the state-by-state impacts obtained by The Hill .

by | September 26, 2017 | 01:58

In his first address to the General Assembly on Tuesday, September 19, Trump called leader Kim Jong-Un a "Rocket Man" on a "suicide mission", prompting Kim to warn in turn that the USA president would "pay dearly" for his threat. Kim's weapons development program seems to be getting close to producing a rocket that could do that, as Pyongyang has demonstrated with more than a dozen missile tests this year and an underground nuclear explosion.

by | September 26, 2017 | 01:06

That's according to the Korea Herald , which claims Apple has revised its initial strategy to cater for the increased popularity in ever-growing screen sizes. The Cupertino-tech firm followed a similar strategy previous year by halting the initial shipments of components of the iPhone 7 , while touching the rest of the production numbers after a couple of months.

by | September 26, 2017 | 00:56

The 4GB per day Internet plan was basically introduced by BSNL, when they launched the Chauka-444 plan in June this year. This offer validity is 28 days from the date of recharge. Airtel has added a host of new offers as well. Check whether you are eligible for Airtel new Prepaid Rs.999 Plan or not. Jio's Rs. 509 plan gives 112GB of data for 56 days i.e.

by | September 26, 2017 | 00:58

These special editions, it appears, are meant exclusively for the Japanese domestic market, but Subaru will have plenty of other things for a worldwide audience to see in Tokyo, and we'll have them all for you here as we get more details. Less extreme than the S208 is the BRZ STi Sport concept. Subaru isn't revealing much about the concept just yet, but it has said the Viziv Performance Concept will feature advanced driver-assist technology that utilises the brand's EyeSight technology.

by | September 26, 2017 | 00:52

It's worth recalling that there were reports about the JioPhone delivery being delayed. Reliance Jio Phone is a feature mobile with 4G VoLTE capabilities. The Jio mobile can be ordered from, MyJio mobile app , and even via offline channels like Jio retailers. Those who have already pre-booked the JioPhone can track their status, via order number.

by | September 26, 2017 | 00:22

The hack was reportedly discovered in March, but hackers potentially had access to the company's systems as far back as October or November of 2016 - meaning the access went undetected for as many as six months. It's now unclear who was behind the attack, but for the past six months, Deloitte has been investigating the breach of its email server, which exposed some five million emails.

by | September 25, 2017 | 12:47

Renault , which is looking to increase its share in one of India's most competitive SUV segments, is expected to launch the new Captur in October this year. The infotainment system in the Renault CAPTUR comes with 7-inch display with FM Radio, Bluetooth, maps, integrated Intelligent ULC 3.0 multimedia navigation system, temperature and time display.

by | September 25, 2017 | 12:21

The new Core i5 series also comes with Intel's new Turbo Boosting 2.0 technology, which accelerates processor and graphics performance for peak loads, automatically allowing processor cores to run faster than the rated operating frequency if they're operating below power, current and temperature specification limits.

by | September 25, 2017 | 09:40

According to Let'sGoDigital, the phone has appeared in a filing from the Korean National Radio Research Agency (NRRA), bearing a model number SM-G888N0. "As part of the offer, we are giving our consumers the peace of mind of having screen replacement anytime during the period of 12 months from now of the purchase of their device", Samsung India, Senior Vice President, Asim Warsi said.

by | September 25, 2017 | 08:05

Collins' vote is key. Rand Paul, or whoever votes against Hcare Bill, will forever (future political campaigns) be known as "the Republican who saved ObamaCare". "I'm reading the fine print on Graham-Cassidy", Collins said. "The premiums would be so high they would be unaffordable". Gov. Paul LePage, R-Maine, was scheduled to meet with Vice President Mike Pence in Washington on Friday morning.

by | September 25, 2017 | 00:11

Kickoff is set for 8:30 a.m. When are the other NFL London games? National Football League spectators in London could have plenty to celebrate Sunday. "I mean, A-Rob has shown through the years that he can go one-on-one and jump over people to catch a football". First, it was clear that Baltimore would be hurting without offensive guard Marshal Yanda.

by | September 24, 2017 | 07:30

Before Samsung chose to listen to the Galaxy S8 users who were complaining about the Bixby key, third-party developers started to initiate their own ways of trying to remap the button. The primary reason for Bixby existence is Samsung looking to compete with Google and other major players with a voice assistant. That said, you can now interact with voice commands in your Samsung smartphone with Bixby voice.

by | September 24, 2017 | 06:43

Now, experts claim that that frog was similar to the modern Ceratophrys frogs. The scientists measured bite force using a custom-made instrument called a "force transducer", which establishes the force applied to two leather-coated plates as an animal bites them.

by | September 24, 2017 | 02:31

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual says, 'Zecharia Sitchin claims that Nibiru collided with a planet called Tiamat that was situated between Mars and Jupiter. "Jesus lived for 33 years", he told the publication. Planet X theory: Doom mongers believe Nibiru is heading for EarthIs Nibiru real or is Planet X a hoax? The end of the world was also supposed to arrive on 21 May 2011, with Christian doomsday prophet Harold Camping predicting the Rapture would begin at 18:00 ...