by | November 12, 2017 | 12:09

Ex-Bayern Munich center-back Benatia then made the Ivorians' qualification mission more hard when he slotted a corner kick home at the far post to double his side's advantage. In the 25th minute, the stopper was beaten by Dirar's tame left-footed cross from the right flank, as the ball failed to meet the diving Khalid Boutaib, but still evaded Gbohouo before nestling in the far corner.

by | November 11, 2017 | 21:04

Saturday, and, weather permitting, will be visible from CT to North Carolina. NASA will livestream mission coverage starting at 1:15 a.m. and launch coverage at 7 a.m . Orbital ATK tweeted: "We were working no issues until an aircraft flew into restricted airspace". Temperatures at Wallops Island are forecast to be around 30 F on Saturday night ahead of the launch, but temperatures farther inland will drop into the 20s.

by | November 11, 2017 | 11:57

The song will treat the audience with a soulful melody that reflects loyalty and an unbreakable bond of love in true sense. Padmavati starring Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor , Aditi Rao Hydari and Jim Sarbh. The filmmaker said he respects Bhansali's vision and the fact that his "beautiful film" is caught up in the controversy makes him feel bad. "So I feel we need to look into it if there is any global conspiracy behind it.", Swamy told ANI when asked about the Padmavati ...

by | November 11, 2017 | 01:08

This graph shows post-release Nintendo Switch sellthrough trends for the North American market. The console has also attracted the attention of third-party studios, receiving ports of Doom (out today) and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (out on November 17).

by | November 10, 2017 | 22:34

A separate live-streaming app,, has made deals with USA broadcasters Viacom and NBC Universal to produce original programming. The only Chinese social-media company to build a major network outside China will be taken over by a fast-growing Chinese upstart.

by | November 10, 2017 | 18:15

Sources familiar with the plan told Bloomberg that the AR system, unlike current headsets, would not need an accompanying smartphone to function. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "I regard it as a big idea, like the smartphone". Apple engineers are also developing the prototypes of a range of apps for the AR-powered smart headsets. The next step - creating a headset with a built-in display capable of streaming 3D video without draining the battery - is much more complicated.

by | November 10, 2017 | 12:39

Sean Parker is anxious about the monster he helped to create, in his own words: " God only knows what [Facebook] is doing to the brain of our children ". In a blog post, Facebook's chief security officer Alex Stamos wrote that "we will continue to invest in our people and technology to help provide a safe place for civic discourse and meaningful connections on Facebook".

by | November 10, 2017 | 11:12

The second-generation Continental GT3 has been designed in collaboration with M-Sport, the same firm responsible for the first-gen auto. The road-going Continental GT is using a biturbo W12 6.0-liter engine packing 626 horsepower, but the sporty brother has opted for an engine swap in the form of an evolution of the 4.0-liter V8 now packing a new dry sump, intake, and exhaust.

by | November 09, 2017 | 23:56

The iOS 11 .1.1 update is now available for your iPhone and iPad with hundreds of new features for the iPhone and iPad . iOS 11 was released to the general public in September that brought quite a handful of forward-facing additions to the table.

by | November 09, 2017 | 20:52

Three Pillars Pte , a subsidiary of the Qatar Foundation, sold 199.9 million Bharti Airtel shares through stock market transactions. The price range is a discount of 4.7-8 percent to Bharti Airtel's Tuesday closing price, but far higher than the 340 rupees Three Pillars paid for it in 2013.

by | November 09, 2017 | 19:19

The engine anomaly should not impact the three official launches remaining on SpaceX's 2017 manifest. The problem shouldn't delay any of SpaceX's launches; the company's near-term and early 2018 missions were all scheduled to use the Block 4 version of the Falcon 9 with its well-established Merlin 1D (improved) variant.

by | November 09, 2017 | 19:04

The chapter reportedly circulated two resolutions to lawmakers in the Golden State that said the song is "one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-Black songs in the American lexicon". "It won't solve any problem", said veteran John Cox. "He blew it out of proportion", Huffman said of the president's comments. A home and a country, should leave us no more? A separate resolution by the California NAACP calls on Congress to censure President Trump for his remarks about firing those who ...

by | November 09, 2017 | 19:00

Called Files Go , the app apparently can transfer files between devices wirelessly without an internet connection. All said, there is no word from Google as to when we should expect the final version of Google Files Go to appear on the Google Play Store .

by | November 09, 2017 | 14:09

Hélène Seroussi and Erik Ivins of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, studied this mantle plume idea through numerical modeling, since getting direct measurements from under the ice is hard. Mantle plumes are thought to be narrow streams of hot rock rising through Earth's mantle and spreading out like a mushroom cap under the crust. After that, they simulated a number of different scenarios for the size and location of a possible mantle plume, since both those ...

by | November 09, 2017 | 13:10

Intel has published a biography of Raja Koduri , detailing his new position (s) at its facilities. Basically, AMD's graphics boss is becoming Intel's graphics boss. Intel is reportedly aiming to build several graphics products. Intel said it will unify and expand differentiated intellectual property across computing, graphics, media, imaging and machine intelligence capabilities for the client and data center segments, artificial intelligence, and emerging opportunities like edge computing.

by | November 09, 2017 | 13:08

Starting with Chrome 65, Google's browser will automatically block this sort of redirect, users' main tabs stay right where they want them. These ads have been generating a major chunk of advertising revenue for Google . You just need to go to "chrome://flags/#enable-framebusting-needs-sameorigin-or-usergesture" from the address bar of your Chrome browser and then enable the option called "Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture".

by | November 09, 2017 | 09:39

The latest problem is related to the OLED display of the Pixel 2 XL . Additionally, some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users are reporting problems with their handsets' microphone. If the Pixel User Community forums are any indication, it would seem that this is not an isolated incident, as many are chiming in with the same problem.

by | November 09, 2017 | 01:53

And in a year so far marked by many high-impact events including catastrophic hurricanes and floods as well as debilitating heatwaves and drought, the WMO warned the long-term indicators of climate change - such as increasing Carbon dioxide concentrations, sea level rise and ocean acidification - continue unabated.

by | November 09, 2017 | 01:23

Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR ) users across the world are now able to express themselves with more characters . When the expansion was first announced as a test in September, Twitter cited data that showed how users did with the original character limit.

by | November 09, 2017 | 00:39

So that's where you come in. On January 1, 2019, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which flew past Pluto in July of previous year, will fly by MU69. "Until then, we're excited to bring people into the mission and share in what will be an incredible flyby on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, 2019!" The campaign is open for voting by everyone, the report added.

by | November 09, 2017 | 00:29

Additionally, the new iPad will come with an upgraded processor, GPU, and Apple Pencil Stylus, which will come with a new set of software-enabled features. Apple did the same thing with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus this year. The first tablet to mirror the most recognisable change of the iPhone X could arrive later next year, the sources say.

by | November 08, 2017 | 21:07

The offer is available only on three newly-launched RED plans (Traveller, International and Signature) that offer "unprecedented telecom and value added benefits". Bharti Airtel , India's largest mobile network by subscriber numbers, on Tuesday introduced " data rollover " facility for its home broadband customers.

by | November 08, 2017 | 20:24

In a press release sent to GamesBeat, Activision notes that this opening tops the starting weekends for Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman combined. For example, the game's loot box system has now been reworked so that players can open the crates in public. One may argue that Infinite Warfare doesn't deserve the large profits and this is unless they feel that it was Modern Warfare Remastered which allowed the game to make a dime.

by | November 08, 2017 | 19:30

Given the increasing complexity and cost in new generation semiconductor design and manufacturing, we believe that the increased scale and product and end market diversification would potentially drive stronger profitability metrics for a combined entity.

by | November 08, 2017 | 18:30

Uber's Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden says he hopes the service will reduce commute times, cut vehicle pollution in major cities and, eventually, the service will be cheaper than if a person were to drive their own auto. Uber previously unveiled its plans to introduce flying taxi fleets, known as uberAIR, in April. The user open the Uber app, but instead of choosing the options that have been around for years-UberPOOL, UberX-they go straight for UberAIR, because it's nearly dinner time ...